We're helping Australia GROW and USE the Helium network

Providing products that enable the development and use of the Helium network. Be sure to look at the range of products we sell as we well as visit our blog for news, tutorials and reviews on our blog at heliumact.com.au/news . We have more products incoming including a range of Helium compatible LoRaWAN sensor and actuator nodes, and antennas to support your Helium hotspot installations.

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  • GROW the Helium network

    We already have a viable Helium network in most capital cities in Australia, but there's still plenty of room to grow further to match the penetration seen across the US and Europe. If there are products that you need to help you grow the Helium network in your part of Australia, reach out and we'll be happy to source whatever you need.

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  • USE the Helium network

    It's now time for us to also focus on the use cases for the Helium network. Growth is just part one, but we're now read to start adopting the network as a useful alternative to expensive or short range communications alternatives. Start using the Helium network with the purchase of development boards to make your owen DIY nodes and sensors, or with pre-made LoRaWAN devices that can be onboarded with ease.

  • SUPPORT the Helium network

    Australia has a fantastic online community around Helium and at Helium ACT we do our part to help support that how we can to give back and make it better than ever. Helium unlike other opportunities is not a zero sum game - we all benefit the more people get involved in The People's Network. Visit our website for more content and on how to meet other like-minded individuals.

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