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Heltec CubeCell GPS-6502 Development Board

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CubeCell (TM) is a new product series made by Heltec team, mainly for LoRa/LoRaWAN node applications.

CubeCell (TM) series is based on ASR605x (ASR6501, ASR6502), those chips are already integrated with the PSoC® 4000 series MCU (ARM® Cortex® M0+ Core) and SX1262. We have done a lot of migration and development, made it perfectly support Arduino®, can run the LoRaWAN protocol stably, can easily connect lithium batteries and solar panels.

HTCC-AB02S is a Dev-Board. Already integrated AIR530Z GPS module, friendly designed for developers, easy to verify communication solutions.

Helium Use Case

This popular board is the platform on which much of the DIY Helium mapping scene is based. With inbuilt GPS antenna, OLED screen, and factory wire LoRa antenna, and guides to install firmware from @hkicko, @jas_williams or @MaxPlastix you can get these boards up and running in no time and contributing to the Mappers and Cargo projects.
If mapping's not your thing then use the board as a development platform for a GPS tracker or similar.
For best results, external antennas for both GPS and LoRa radios are highly recommend.