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Heltec Cubecell HTCC-AB01 Development Board

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CubeCell (TM) is a new product series made by Heltec team, mainly for LoRa/LoRaWAN node applications.

CubeCell (TM) series is based on ASR605x (ASR6501, ASR6502), those chips are already integrated with the PSoC® 4000 series MCU (ARM® Cortex® M0+ Core) and SX1262. We have done a lot of migration and development, made it perfectly support Arduino®, can run the LoRaWAN protocol stably, can easily connect lithium batteries and solar panels.

HTCC-AB01 is a Dev-Board. Friendly designed for developers, easy to verify communication solutions.

Note:This board does not have a GPS chip.  

Helium Use Case

Turn the HTCC-AB01 into a Helium sensor or actuator node, and learn to use the Helium network for its intended purpose - building the Internet of Things.

Many tutorials exist online with code to develop these boards into useful IoT devices operating on the Helium network.

Package contains

  • Heltec CubeCell HTCC-AB01 Development Board
  • Pins to support mounting onto a PCB/breadboard
  • Simple wire LoRa antenna 

For best results an external LoRa antenna is highly recommended.