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RFShop RP SMA(M) to N(F) BH, CLF400 (LMR400 equivalent) 10m Coaxial Cable

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We're proud to carry and supply RFShop antennas and cables.

Here we have RFShop's excellent CLF400 (LMR400 equivalent) coax cable in 10M lengths for connection between your Helium hotspot/miner and your outdoor antenna.

This cable is terminated with RP-SMA (M) Male fitting that matches most Helium hotspots.  The other end of the cable is fitted with N-Type (F) Female bulkhead fitting. This is the most common cable configuration, however, check the fittings on your hotspot and antenna to be sure of a correct match.

Note: If you intend to purchase an inline Lightning/Surge Arrestor from us our current Lightning Arrestors have a Female-Female N-Type fitting.  You will also need a Male-Male gender changer which we sell for $8, or contact us for a similar cable with the correct fittings.  Thanks! 


  • Length :10M
  • Cable:CLF400 (LMR400 equivalent)
  • N-Type Female (bulkhead fitting) to RP-SMA (Male)